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60 Second Clip

For my first University assignment for my ‘Introduction to Filmmaking’ course, I was tasked with using a camcorder and recording an exactly 60 seconds long clip all about myself.

The Brief:

Students are to produce a piece of moving image work, of an exact duration of 60 seconds.
The title of the film is the student’s individual name.

Consider the content of the film to be: “60 seconds about me”.
The work should be self-reflective and the student should think creatively about their approach to the content of the film they produce.
Camera equipment, which is available from the university, should be used in the production process.
You are only required to submit the finished film for assessment. No paperwork or other supporting material is required.

Your work/film should evidence:

  • Creative Thinking
  • A basic ability to use camera equipment
  • A basic ability to edit footage
  • A transfer of information (i.e. the viewer should learn something new)

The Process:

When I began, I had ideas floating around in my head; what I wanted to do was to create a clip that wasn’t just me speaking to camera. I wanted to use a lot of the skills that I have (along with the equipment that I own).

I decided, that in order to make it easier, I would write a script out – even though it doesn’t need to be handed in with the clip. As this isn’t a script that I’d be sending off anywhere, it wouldn’t need to follow the universal standards for scriptwriting… so I included camera angles etc, so that I could pre-plan what would be recorded where, and take it from there.

Download the script here: Dean.pdf.

The Result:

If you take a look at the clip I created below, you will see that I’ve slightly gone off-script. I recorded and edited the clip over about 6 hours, and found that the script I had written was actually too long – I expected it to run for 10-15 seconds, but it actually took the full 60 seconds. Because of this, I had to drop shots and parts of it (including me singing badly).

P.S. I shot the clip all on my own, which wasn’t easy. Getting my own reflection in the mirror, but not the camera was a challenge in itself..

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